The Importance of Study Hall Periods

Study Hall is exactly what it sounds like—time set aside in the school day for students to study. At Tilden Middle School, it lasts for 26 minutes after second period, and is formally called “Morning Academic Period” (MAP). Students are given this time to make up testing, go in for extra help, study, or simply take a breather. While some schools around the country try to get rid of this “free” time which they believe most may abuse, it is actually quite beneficial to students who need it. These students will finally be able to eat their lunches despite make-up testing, and also not miss their buses after school due to needing extra help. Those with multiple extracurricular activities are definitely grateful as well; they can get a head start on their homework.

Teachers also play an important role during the academic period. They can use these 26 precious minutes to better gauge student understanding of concepts and check on grades. French teacher Diana Muranko from Ashland Middle School says, in the Times-Gazette, that study hall has “been effective,” in fostering “long-term intervention, creating a culture that emphasizes academic achievement.”* At Ashland, it is hard for students to fall through the cracks, as they are checked on each week. The current amount of time allotted for each class is often not enough for students to actually practice the concept and ask questions about their mistakes—study hall makes sure that by the time students leave the classroom, their confusion is cleared. It prevents students from snowballing into more trouble.

If your school offers study hall, use it wisely! Click here for tips on how to make the most out of your study hall period.

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Michelle is currently a senior at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, Maryland. She specializes in teaching English as a second language and hopes to major in education. Michelle is also a student member of the Montgomery County Curriculum Advisory Board, and interns at Potomac Elementary School’s Chinese Immersion Program. In her free time, she enjoys learning languages and designing websites.

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